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We offer a free tax consultation and can tell you within one hour how you are paying more in taxes than you should. The bottom line is that 90% of the small businesses we review are missing tax write offs because they aren’t aware of the legal loopholes the government will allow them to take advantage of. Fortunately, innovation isn’t new to the Greater Long Beach area, which means our team of professional CPAs is familiar with all the latest technology that makes bookkeeping, tax preparation, audits, and more easy. The first is the Community Hospital Long Beach Foundation (CHLBF).

We can manage everything for you, so you can smile knowing that every detail is handled with care. We have professional accountants on board that keep things running seamlessly. We will give you accurate and sensible financial reports, allowing you to make strategic business decisions. We serve businesses, nonprofit organizations, and high-net-worth individuals. Our offices are conveniently located near the Long Beach Airport and the 405 freeway. To learn more about how our amazing team of Long Beach accountants can help you, give us a call.

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We offer a free tax consultation and can tell you rapidly which level of financial statement service is best for you or your small business. The correct choice can go a long way in helping the financial health of your small business. Nationally, the average hourly rate nationally for a tax prep professional ranges between $150 and $450. When bookkeeping errors happen, fixing the issues can be problematic. It is wise to delegate accounting to Pacific Tax Pros-bookkeeping services.

The group offers full bookkeeping and payroll services, bank reconciliations, financial statements, general ledger, remote assistance and in-person consulting for QuickBooks, and assistance with new business startups. Tax preparation services are also available as well as consulting on MAS 90 and MAS 200 software. Owner Beth Hacia holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Administration, is also a Certified Tax Preparer, and is dedicated to providing affordable services to both small and medium-sized businesses in the area.

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We specialize in helping businesses like yours with all of their bookkeeping needs from payroll to banking and check writing. Long Beach is conveniently located Bookkeeping Long Beach between both Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Enjoying an ideal Southern California climate, it is home to an abundance of cultural and recreation options.

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An accountant prepares reports for tax purposes and can also perform audits of public companies. The Bookkeeper handles general bookkeeping in the Long Beach area. Details for all offerings can be found on the firm's website, and specialized services for nonprofits are also available. The Bookkeeper is known for prompt, top-quality results, and the team dedicates itself to keeping clients' books in order so that companies can keep an eye on growing their bottom line. Various business strategies, FAQs, and a monthly newsletter can be found online as well.

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Our CPA firm works directly with pension design professionals to help you select the perfect retirement plan for you. Pension and retirement planning is important to both high net worth individuals and to everyday working people. The tax law https://accounting-services.net/bookkeeping-nebraska/ allows for simple retirement plans like IRAs and Roth IRAs as well as more advanced pension plans that allow business owners to shelter their income. Beneficial Bookkeeping, Inc. brings over a decade of experience to Huntington Beach.

In addition to being our CPA firm headquarters, the City of Long Beach is also home to top educational institutions that are recognized throughout the country. The supportive business environment draws major industries that include the port of Long Beach, healthcare, aerospace, communications, and a healthy convention and tourism business. Probably most CPAs get asked this question, LLC vs S Corp.  We find that attorneys frequently have a viewpoint that is purely legal in nature without fully understanding the income tax consequences. So we help you make the best possible choice from a tax viewpoint. They reduce your taxes by more than a tax deduction, so you want to claim these valuable goodies whenever you can. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting our CPA firm analyze your small business.

Succession planning is what you plan for the future when you want to leave the business. Can you sell the business to your employees (an ESOP might work here)? Are you going to sell the business to a bigger company (how do you maximize the after-tax money you will get from the sale)? Maybe you want to pass the business to your children or other business partners. We offer a file share portal to all of our clients that allows you to send important documents over the internet safely and securely. When we receive those documents, we’re able to organize, analyze, and file them away.

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